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August 9th -11th: Running for Awareness

August 10th: Run for Recovery

August 11th: Mind over Miles

Bret has committed to undertaking the Goggins Challenge Charity Run Annually with the support of Recovery Resources, The Nord Center, Bob Laughton and his Family, Friends and network of supporters one weekend a year. The goal of this challenge is to raise funds for individuals affected by drug and alcohol addiction, as well as veterans who have suffered from mental health issues and those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Bret has  experienced profound personal loss to these issues.   Bret's sister-in-law, Kate, passing away from a drug overdose and also losing  his nephew Justice, having passed away due to veteran suicide.

To raise awareness and financial resources Bret has set a goals to push himself to his physical limits by running each 4-hour block of the Goggins 4x4x48 challenge in the memory of someone who has been lost to drug or alcohol addiction, mental health struggles, or veteran suicide. He will undertake this arduous challenge in honor of at least 24 different individuals and encourage others to join them in their efforts by completing a 4-mile run, a walk, or a series of 22 pushups, which will be dedicated to honoring veterans.

Bret invites others to participate in this endeavor by sharing photos, information, and names of individuals they would like to have honored during the event on Bret's Facebook page. His ultimate goal is to assist as many families and individuals impacted by addiction and mental health struggles as possible, and he hopes that his efforts will make a significant and positive impact, even if it's only enough to help one family or one person, it would be worth it.

You can run with me virtually from anywhere in the US, you can run one leg of the race, you can build a team and do it as a relay, walk with me, ride with me or even just do the 22 pushups every 4 hours to honor our veterans who we have lost to suicide. 


All Donations and All Support is accepted.

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