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Amanda Butler Sanchez, CPA
Accounting Partner
Butler & Sanchez, LLC

I met Bret through our shared involvement in the independent automobile dealership industry, where his passion, dedication, and commitment have made a lasting impression on me and our mutual clients. He is my go-to reinsurance expert, but his expertise goes far beyond his specialty, making him an invaluable resource for the industry as a whole. What truly sets Bret apart is his genuine care for others and willingness to serve, traits that are present in his professional life, personal life, and philanthropic work. Bret is a powerhouse in every sense, and I am grateful to know him both as a respected colleague and dear friend.


Ethan Krasnow
Philanthropy, Gifts & Grants

Managerat Recovery Resources

I haven’t known Bret long, but here’s what I do know: this guy has it. First off, what a super nice guy. He can make an instant connection with anyone he meets. Second, he is passionate about mental health, addictions, and suicide prevention and he will do anything to raise awareness including running the insane Goggin’s Challenge. Not only that, he’s also incredibly giving, donating half his proceeds to both Recovery Resources where I work, and the Nord Center in Lorain County. I cannot thank him enough for his support.


Keith L Thacker
Autoland LLC

I’ve known #Buckeyebret for several years now. Our relationship started as many professional relationships Do, at first. But once you get to know him, you’ll realize there is much more going on than just a reinsurance account representative. Once in a while you meet people with a character that sticks with you. Bret’s character made a lasting impression on my life, professionally and personally. Bret wants everyone around him to WIN, personally first and professionally as well. His desire to win at everything he has going on is contagious. Just knowing Bret makes you want to succeed at home and at work. I’m glad Buckeyebret is not only a business colleague of mine, but a personal role model to me and my family.


Russell Moore
Top Notch Used Cars

Bret, I have appreciated our friendship personally and professionally. You have made a difference in many people's lives, and not just because of work, but your dedication to life outside of work, the things that are really important. Each of us struggle with things and you have always been there for me, thank you for what you do for our industry and thank you for what you do outside of work!


Erik Watson
Berkshire Risk Services

Bret has a foundation and a core that is rooted in helping people and seeing others succeed. That’s what I always come back to. It’s what makes him a great business partner. It’s what makes him a great advisor. It’s what makes him a great friend. In addition to helping others, there’s not many out there who can translate thoughts, to words, to actions better than Bret. He can think it. He can communicate it. He can do it. If you spend any amount of time around him; you’re going to learn something, you’re going to feel something, and you’ll probably laugh/smile more than you were beforehand. Bret is always willing to make time for you, no matter what. Bret has the uncanny ability to not just listen, but to really understand where you’re coming from.


Bill Neylan
Tax Refund Services

I have known and worked with Bret for at least 5 years. During that time, I have had the pleasure of watching Bret grown as a man, a businessman and as a friend. He is ethical and passionate when it comes to all aspects of life (personal and business) and that passion drives him to put 150% into any situation that he is presented with. We both work with car dealers all across the country and I have seen Bret give honest advice to dealers even if that means that he loses out on a sale. He always acts in the best interest of others and that is what makes Bret special in this world. If everyone could act in the best interests of others, this world would be a better place.

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